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Jen Rattray, Owner

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Having dedicated nearly three decades to the natural foods industry, Jen Rattray is steeped in the practice of holistic nutrition. As a teenager in Princeton, New Jersey, Jen took a job at a newly opened natural foods diner, which inspired her to dedicate her career and lifestyle to health. Through college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, she continued her holistic education by working part time at an organic restaurant.

After college, Jen moved to Santa Cruz, California where she expanded her interests in natural food and holistic nutrition. She began to apprentice with herbalists Michael Tierra and Christopher Hobbes while honing her business skills by working at a raw, vegan restaurant and a community food co-op. Now the owner and sole proprietor of Fairweather Natural Foods in Park City, Utah, Jen has been with the store since it opened in 1992. Her passion for helping people with their health questions and concerns makes her small business a popular destination. She enjoys answering any nutritional questions, and is regularly in the store to offer consultations and assist shoppers.